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 Welcome to EACA

The East African Communication Association (EACA) was established in 2011 by a group of Journalism, Media, and Communication scholars working in East Africa. EACA brings together scholars, researchers, and others involved in communication and media studies to share research on the media in the region.

EACA membership is largely drawn from universities in East Africa but the association is open to collaboration with journalism/media scholars and practitioners from all over the world and indeed has had members from Germany, South Africa, West Africa, Norway, the United States, and El-Salvador among others.

EACA’s aims include building networks and harnessing synergies towards building capacity for changing media and communication environments in Africa and sharing ongoing research and published work on Media and Communication in East Africa and beyond.

It is managed by an Executive Board headed by the president, vice-president, secretary-general, and treasurer.


Membership to EACA is by annual subscription and it is open to media students, faculty and professionals in the East African region.


Since its inception, EACA has run the African Journal of Communication (AJC). The goals of the journal are: to create an academic research community.


Since 2014, EACA has focused on growing research and collaboration in the region, with a focus on Communication


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