EACA is dedicated to maintaining ethical standards in all of its research initiatives as we seek knowledge. Our community’s researchers use these ethical research guidelines as a guide:

  • Plagiarism and conflict of interest:

    EACA members commit to maintaining the greatest standards of academic integrity, abstaining from plagiarism, and being open and honest about any conflicts of interest.

  • Integrity in data collection, processing, and analysis:

    We stress how crucial it is to preserve data integrity throughout the whole study process—from data collection and processing to analysis.

  • Authorship credit must be fair and accurate:

    In order to recognize the efforts of each and every person participating in the research process, EACA promotes precise and fair authorship attribution.

  • Originality is highly encouraged:

    EACA members should only submit manuscripts representing their original work and not work that has been published elsewhere. We value and welcome fresh viewpoints and ideas in our environment, celebrating uniqueness and innovation in research.

  • Research reporting must be accurate and objective:

    EACA members are dedicated to providing accurate and unbiased reporting of research findings, encouraging the population at large to get trustworthy information.