Categories of membership

The Association shall have three categories of membership:

    1. Full Membership, which shall be open to any person or institution active in the fields of communication studies, research, as well as practice, consistent with the aims and purposes of the Association. Full members may participate in all activities of the Association and may vote on all issues. Full individual members shall be persons actively engaged in communication studies, research and/or practice, consistent with the aims and purposes of the Association; Full institutional members shall be national institutions such as universities or research organizations whose purposes are consistent with those of the Association.
    2. Honorary Membership, which may be bestowed on individuals who have made meritorious contributions to communication studies, research and/or practice or the mission of the Association over an extended period of time. Honorary Members may participate in all activities of the Association but may not vote on any issue.
    3. Student Membership, which shall be open to all registered students studying in Communication Studies or a part-discipline thereof and who do not qualify for the other two categories of membership.

Admittance to membership

    1. Applicants for membership shall apply in writing and pay one year’s membership subscription in advance. The Treasurer shall report all applications for membership to the next Executive Board meeting which will accept or reject each of them by a simple majority of members present.
    2. In the event of a refusal, the unsuccessful applicant may appeal to the next AGM where a simple majority of members may decide either to confer membership or uphold the initial refusal.
    3. Refusal by the General Assembly shall be final.
    4. Any individual full member of EACA may nominate a person for honorary membership by way of a motivated proposal to the EACA President. Nominations for honorary membership must be recommended by the Executive Board, comprising the current President and two members with an ordinary majority, before being submitted to the AGM for approval. Approval is granted when at least a two-third majority of the individual full members present at the meeting vote in favour of the nomination.
    5. Members may resign their membership by writing to the Treasurer at any time but shall remain liable for the payment of the subscription due for the full calendar in which they resign. Resignation shall be effective immediately for members in good financial standing.
    6. Membership expires without notice if members do not pay their due subscriptions for two consecutive years.
Annual Membership Renewal and Bank Details:
Dear member, kindly note that you are required to renew your membership in the association. Membership is renewed on an annual basis. Payment of the annual membership fees of 30.00 US$ should be made directly through a bank transfer to the association’s bank account.
Once you have made this payment, kindly scan and send the receipt or details of the payment to the following:
The  account details are as follows:

Bank Name: Kenya Commercial Bank
Branch: Village Market, Nairobi
Account Number: 1134186622
Branch Code: 01180